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Tauriko School is kindly supported by Exerhoop.  Hula-Hooping has taken-off as a fun way to workout and is endorsed by celebrity advocates such as Beyonce, Olivia Wilde, Zooey Deschanel and First Lady Michelle Obama.  Exerhoop sells quality, New Zealand-made Hula Hoops that are correctly sized and weighted for adults.

Vinyl Exerhoop
Reflective Exerhoop

Vinyl Trim Hula-Hoops

Sparkle Trim Hula-Hoops


Exerhoop Hula-Hoops cost $25 for Vinyl Trim and $30 for Sparkle Trim.  When you let Exerhoop know you are a friend of Tauriko School, $5 from each hoop purchased will go to the school.  To purchase an Exerhoop Hula-Hoop email orders@exerhoop.co.nz or phone Sue on (021) 257 2895.