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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Scheme
Senior School : Yrs 5- 8

BYOD Update June 2013

We recognize that the world is changing rapidly and that our students use digital devices such as laptops, desktops and tablets as important tools for their learning and communicating.

We want to maximise the learning enabled by these devices and as a result, have introduced an optional 'Bring your own Device' programme for Year 5-8 students at Tauriko School.

This will mean that students in Years 5-8 can, if they wish, bring an approved laptop or tablet to their regular classroom every day. Teachers will direct how these devices will be used to support learning.

There is no expectation for students to bring a device to school. If you are concerned about cost, theft, or feel that your child is not yet responsible enough to bring a device to school, then please do not apply for the BYOD scheme.


1.    iPad 2 or newer (not iPad mini)

2.    Laptop: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, Intel i3 processor/AMD A8 processor or newer, 4GB RAM OR: Macbook OS 10.7 (Lion), 2GB RAM

3.    Microsoft Surface Tablet - running Windows 8.1 or 10

4.    Chromebook 

5.    Android Tablet  - Google, Samsung or ASUS brands
                             - Version 4.0 or above (Ice Cream Sandwich or Jellybean)
                             - Front and rear facing cameras

ALL DEVICES MUST HAVE WiFi connectivity and a Screen Size over 9.5 inches


The application process:

Students must be able to demonstrate an ability to use a device in a meaningful and responsible manner. They will also be expected to have a working knowledge of the device they are bringing to school.

PLEASE FILL IN:  The BYOD Application Form

READ:    The E-Values Document

COMPLETE: This online cyber-safety quiz

SIGN:    The Student User Agreement (includes list of approved devices)

AND SUBMIT to the Classroom Teacher

The e-learning teacher, in consultation with the classroom teacher, student and parents (if necessary) will then decide if the child is able, or unable to begin bringing a device. If accepted onto the BYOD scheme, a letter will be sent home indicating a date when the device can begin being brought to school.

List of Recommended Apps for ipads and Android Tablets




1. Why can’t the school supply a device for every child?
Tauriko School has a very limited operations grant so is not able to provide a device for every child.

2. Why are only some devices approved for BYOD?
BYOD devices were approved based on their ability to support learning in a classroom environment.  This included minimum hardware and software specifications required to run modern applications, the 
durability, reliability and ease-of-transport of a device moving between home and school, and also how the device could be utilised by teachers and students in a school and classroom context.

3. Why does the device need to have WiFi?
The device needs WiFi to access information and resources on the internet (through Tauriko School’s WiFi network) and to send/receive school-related email.

4. Why does the device need to have a screen size over 9.5 inches?
Although a BYOD device is exclusively used by the child who it belongs to, a larger screen allows them to work collaboratively with classmates (the other children can watch, give input or directions), and share their learning with their teacher or other students.  A larger screen size also teachers to more easily monitor children’s work and cyber-safety practices.

5. Why does the Android Tablet have to be a Google, Samsung or Asus device?
Google, Samsung and Asus tablets receive consistently positive reviews about their performance and reliability.