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 Thank you for considering Tauriko School as your school of choice for your child.

Tauriko School operates an enrolment scheme. All children who live within the zone operated by this scheme are entitled to come to Tauriko School as of right. Enrolment forms for these students can be obtained from the school office.

Parents of students who live within the school's home zone and who intend to enrol their child(ren) at any time during 2019, should notify the school as soon as possible to assist the school to plan appropriately for 2019.

 Any children who do not live in this zone can pre-enrol to apply to be considered for a place the following term. If more students apply than there are out-of-zone places a ballot is held to determine which students are enrolled. Information about this process and how it works is on our website here. Information about enrolment schemes is also on the Ministry of Education website.

 We look forward to receiving your enrolment application.

 School Procedures:


"Tauriko School operates an enrolment scheme. It is required that this operates under all legal obligations of the Education Act and as per MOE guidelines. The Board’s direction is to operate this scheme in order that sufficient places are available for all in-zone students and the Board's annual planning is supported. (BOT meeting -  21 June 2018). The Principal is to look at known numbers for the following term and follow this direction when setting ballot numbers for that term. The Board makes this decision being aware that out-of-zone students do not attract property funding and the impact this could have on class numbers with the school’s classroom space being at a premium."


All out-of-zone enrolment applications include evidence of genuine enrolment. These can include:


2019  Future Out-of-zone Enrolment dates:    

Term 2: Thursday 7 March, with ballot if needed Friday 8 March 2019 - CLOSED

Term 3:  Thursday 30 May 2019, with ballot if needed Friday 31 May 2019

                                  - NE spaces only - 3 places

Term 4: Thursday 22 August 2019, with ballot if needed Friday 23 August 2019 

·      New Entrants - 7  places

·      Year 1 or 2 – 3 places

·      Year 3 or 4 – 16 places


Each term an application form will be on the website outlining the places available at the Year levels of the school where vacancies exist. The exact number of places available will depend on the number of applications received from students who live within the school's home zone and the Board's direction as per school procedures outlined above.