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 The Kelvin Gibson Library

The Tauriko School library was officially opened in 1997, and named after the principal at that time, Mr Kelvin Gibson.

It has grown over the years, and now holds over 5000 books. The majority of these books are very good quality, up-to-date, and popular titles. 

The library uses an online open-source catalog system known as Koha, and can be accessed over the internet, to search for available titles:


 Thanks to donations by generous parents, we have been able to maintain a high quality of books over the years, but as of late, less funding has been available to buy new titles for the library. We would always welcome any donations of good quality, modern second-hand books that have been enjoyed by your children, but ones they have now grown out of.


E-learning in the Library

In order to make the school library a true information hub, and to support multiple learning activities, a number of ex-classroom computers are being used in library for 'Research and Reference'. A link to the school website provides a number of useful websites for children to find information on the internet, and access their classroom pages.

 Also available in the library are three Kobo Touch e-readers. These are intended to give the students a hands-on experience of e-reading in 'e-ink'. The e-readers are tethered to the table, and instructions on their use are on the table alongside them. The e-books will have content suited to a 45 minute library session i.e. short stories, poems, fun facts and jokes. Because they are only in black and white, the e-readers use very little power, and should only need recharging about once a month.

If you would like to visit the library with your children, and to use the computers to access the school website, you are always welcome.