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School Holiday Ideas

Merry Christmas. From the Teachers at Tauriko School

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Now that all our letters to Santa have been written and our Christmas shopping lists compiled, it’s time to think of ways we can encourage our writers during the long summer holiday.

How can you help to encourage your young writers?

• Model writing yourself – show them how cool and useful writing is.
• Ask Santa for tools of the trade – notebooks, journals, coloured pens and pencils.
• Keep a diary or journal – write down something interesting, amazing or fascinating each day.
• Celebrate words – look for interesting words in books, songs, signs, number plates.
• Spread the word – communicate with others – write notes, send postcards, email.
• Make lists, - shopping lists, Must Dos/Can Do lists, “things we need for the trip” lists.
• Write down your resolutions, write letters and postcards.
• Brainstorm your ideas and holiday plans, create a “Holiday Wishlist” with the family.
• Write captions for photos for family events and celebrations.
• Create your own recipes, plan a menu, invite someone to tea.
• Respond to current events by posting comments on the Kiwi Kids News blog.
• Play with words – make up nonsense rhyming words like Dr Seuss did.
• Play word games like Scrabble and Boggle
• Challenge the family to a poetry competition …

Make it your goal to read for at least 10 minutes every day!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Tauriko School.