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School Buses


Coming and going from the School continues to be of concern. To ensure everyone’s safety, please note the following:


There are two parking areas at Tauriko School:

1.     Office car park – for staff and visitors who call into the school each day

Transit NZ governs the number of car park spaces the school can have being on a State Highway. Please be considerate and leave the parking spaces in the office car park for those with New Entrant children for their first week at school, and those on school business.

The office carpark is not a pick up or drop off space for any other students. People who chose to pick up and drop off here will have notices attached to their windscreen referring them to the safety and congestion issues in parking here. Students are to be dropped off in the drop-off bay in front of the Pac Centre. The office car park is not used as it is not safe and there is no supervision by staff. Yellow lines in the office car park should not be parked on as there is a visibility issue here. There is also a congestion issue here that compromises safety at busy times of the day. The mobility car space is only to be used by the parents/caregivers of students with special needs or adult visitors who need this support. 

2.     PAC Centre car park – this area is for parents/whanau to use

All picking up and dropping off of students happens in the PAC Centre car park. 

In the Morning:

If you are leaving your car - for any reason -  you must use the grass area.  Please DO NOT PARK (leave your car unattended) when using the nearest lane to the school buildings - by the PAC as we have several special needs students for whom the car park is a very challenging place and who need to be inside the school gate as soon as possible so they don’t run out into traffic.

Parents of students with special needs have been told they have permission to park by the PAC to ensure their children get safely to school. Please be mindful that there are families that need extra support and ensure that you are courteous and respectful of this.

 In the Afternoon:

All parents picking up students need to do so from the driveway outside the Performing Arts Centre (PAC).  All adults stay in cars, teachers ensure students go to cars, in order that they can then go home.  This means adults can keep cars moving forward and exiting the car park. If you park on the grass verge in the afternoon you need to get out of your car and come over to pick up your child(ren). Staff can only supervise to the middle of the car park with reasonable visibility due to buses. Please do not motion to your children to run across to you. Any parent who needs to go into the school can park on the grass verge by the car park.


There is no parking in the paddock next to the school.This does not belong to us and is only used when we obtain special permission for different events from our wonderful neighbours the Hopping family. The grass here is feed for animals and should not be parked on.

We ask that all parents/caregivers please inform other family members who pick children up as to how this works.   In the interests of safety we appreciate your full support around this.

General Information:

School Buses:
We encourage all children to catch the school bus where possible to prevent afternoon congestion at the school gate. The four school buses are well utilised and support the school to ensure we do not have congestion on SH29.
If parents would like to know where stops are on any of the buses or times of stops, please contact Bayline Buses who will answer any queries  ph: 07 578 3113.
The Route 7 bus is an urban bus and therefore is $100 per year per child. This bus only operates in the afternoon at present and bus fees can be paid at $25 per term. If you have young children then it is a good idea to work with other parents at the bus stop to make sure that children are never left alone if a parent is late.
Thank you for working together to keep all of our children safe!