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Office Queries



Does Tauriko School sell stationery at school?

No.  The only stationery that is sold at school is for New Entrant children.

Does Tauriko School have a school uniform?

Yes, this is our 'sports uniform' i.e. Red Polo shirt and black shorts.  If the students are going 'off-site' for any activity e.g sports, Technology classes, class trips, it is a requirement that the school polo shirt and shorts are worn at these times.  If the student does not have a uniform to wear they are not permitted to go on the trip.


Can Tauriko School Uniforms be purchased at  the School?

Yes – Polo shirts $38.00   Shorts $25.00

Polar Fleeces – Price to be confirmed.


Does Tauriko School operate an After School Care Programme?

No.  However, there is an 'independent' after school care Programme which operates at the school.  Please see www.schools-out.co.nz for further information.


What 'year' does Tauriko School go up to?

We are a 'full primary' therefore our classes go up to Year 8 (Intermediate Years 7 & 8).


What do I do if I have misplaced a school newsletter / class or syndicate notice?

Visit the school website – all newsletters / notices are uploaded directly to the website.  If these notices have a return slip on them, please print off and send into school with your child with all relevant information completed and money attached if requested.