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What's On?

To help support the focus Tauriko School has on Literacy in 2018, the PTA are holding a Spellathon on Thursday 17th May 2018.

There are great prizes for those that raise the most funds including a drift bike, a skateboard, heel wheels, class lunches, movie passes and lots of spot prizes!

**Funds raised will be used to build an outdoor confidence course at Tauriko School**

Please note: The words each student has been provided with to learn are individually targeted to each student’s current level of spelling, as determined by their classroom teacher. The questions are intended to be both challenging, while at the same time at a level where children will see success. 

Prizes include:

✓ Overall top fundraiser prizes include heel wheels, a skateboard and a drift bike!

✓ Top fundraiser class in each syndicate earns a class lunch

✓ Prizes for top individual fundraiser in each class

✓ Daily spot prizes for those who return money raised by Wednesday 23rd May

Nb: All class prizes will be determined by percentage on the number of children in each class.

Key dates:

✓ 11 th April – 30th April: Home learning of questions/seeking sponsorship

✓ 30th April – 16 th May: Class and home learning of questions/seeking of sponsorship

✓ Thursday 17th May, 9am. Spellathon assessment

✓ 18th May: Marked answer sheets returned to students

✓ 23rd May: Collection of money raised due back to school

✓ 24th May: Prizes announced For further information or to download extra spelling sheets to practise, please visit the Tauriko School website www.tauriko.school.nz and click on the Spellathon button on the homepage or contact the school office on 07 543 0430.  

Can we check the answers anywhere?  Yes.  All 11 answer sheets are linked here

Spellathon Booklet