Online Payments

Working together with Kindo, Tauriko School can now bring you a fantastic way to view and pay for your child’s school needs online.

No cash, no paper, no hassle!

It is our preferred method of payment and we encourage you to set up your account today.

New Users

Set up an account easily. All you need is your email address which matches the one held by the school.

Registered Users

Shop anytime, anywhere with our Kindo online School shop.

You can:

  • view and make full or part payments on your family account
  • register and pay for sports teams
  • support PTA fundraisers
  • complete permission forms online

More items will be added during the year. Choose to pay-as-you-go or add funds to your Kindo account in advance, using internet banking, account2account or Visa/Mastercard (fees apply).

Questions Contact the school office on (07) 543 0430 or

Contact the Kindo helpdesk on freephone 0508 4 KINDO or email

See it in action We have a tutorial on how to use the shop to help you get started, simply click on the link below.

Video Tutorial

How to purchase / pay - Click here

It’s an easy one-stop shop for all your school costs. HAPPY SHOPPING!

School Lunches

Students can order Subway school lunches at Tauriko School on-line prior to 9am. The website to use is .

Once on the website you will create an account and fill in your details. This creates your family "mykindo" account for easy online ordering.

Click Student buttons to add items to the cart.

Click the calendar icon if you would like to order on multiple dates.

If you have any issues or queries re the use of this site contact: or call 09 475 5287 or 0800 EZLUNCH

School Uniform

Our school uniform was reviewed in 2019 by our then Head Students (Charlotte Rose and Taylor Groves), the School Council and class reps. They wanted an updated uniform, that was attractive and would be comfortable and also cope with a variety of weathers. The mural at the front of the school became an inspiration for this uniform.

The students worked with designers to develop a uniform they felt, as students, they would be proud to wear.

This proposal was shared with the Tauriko School Board of Trustees. The Board asked for pricing to be sharpened up and a Polar fleece option for our Year 1 & 2 children to be added. This has happened. They also felt it was timely to consult with the community in relation to whether they wanted a compulsory uniform or a uniform of choice - with an understanding that if the choice option is retained, the full school uniform only would be worn off site and at important school events. They agreed that a reasonable time to grandfather this uniform in would be two years.

We encourage all families to be involved in the school's Uniform Survey. Information about the uniform and costs of this can be found in the document below.