Our People

Suzanne Billington


Lisa Rose

Deputy Principal

Leader of Learning -  Year 1 & 2

Andrea Walker

Office Manager

Megan Keatley

Office Assistant

Lynda Palfrey 

Wee Sprouts

Marilyn Parry

Room 3 Year 1/2

Alison Kelleard

Room 4, Yr 1/2

Andrea Lockett 

Room 5,  Yr 2/3

Renee Veysi

Room 6 Yr 3/4

Jo Te Whaiti 

Room 10, Year 4/5

Hannah Fraser

Room 10, Year 4/5

International Student Manager

India Pool

Room 11, Yr 4/5

Henry Garfitt

Room 13, Yr 5/6

Amber Pullin

Room 12, Yr 6/7

Steve Cordery

Room 11, Yr 5/6

Natalie van Dijk

Room 7, Tall Poppies Yr 7/8

Leader of Learning - 

Year 7/8 

Nicole Turner

Part-time Teacher

Vanessa Perumal

Part-time Teacher

Brigid Stevens

Part- time Teacher  

Nicole Johnson

Part-time Teacher

Linda Dyer

Part-time Teacher

Alan Massey

School Caretaker

Jade O'Neill

Sports Coordinator

Kathy Ball


Jules Rutherford

Teacher Aide

Miwa Alderton

ESOL Teacher Aide

Esther Vos

Teacher Aide

Chenelle Austin

Teacher Aide