Tauriko School has buses that support parents/caregivers with transporting children.

These are:

See  #814b Route and Timetable here

See #704b Route and Timetable here

See #920 Route and Timetable here

See #12 Route and Timetable here

See #13 Route and Timetable here

See #14 Route and Timetable for morning travel here

See #14 Route and Timetable for afternoon travel here

Detailed route advice regarding these bus services is available now on the School Transport Website 


Route 704b, 814b, 920 : These routes are available free to students

Routes 12, 13, 14: These buses operate free to eligible students. A bus pass is required to travel on these routes. Please see here for information on obtaining a bus pass. 

The Ministry of Education has clear guidelines around how school buses are to operate. Ministry guidelines state that students who are 3.2km from their closest school are eligible to use the school bus for free. School Transport Entitlement Zones established by the Ministry of Education clarify the transport zones students belong too. It is important to look at these if your child uses the school bus. Maps showing Tauriko School and Kaimai School's bus zones are in the left hand margin of this web page. Students who do not attend their closest school using a school bus must ask for permission from their closets school's Board.

However, as Tauriko School is currently a member of the Tauranga Transport Network Group ( a group of schools who together manage school bus funding) any students bypassing us as their closest school to go to any the schools listed below can be transported for $75 per child per term without asking permission from the school’s listed below that they are bypassing:

    Greerton Village School

    Greenpark School

    Maungatapu Primary

    Omokoroa Point

    Omokoroa No 1

    Otumoetai Intermediate

    St Mary’s Catholic School

    Tauranga Primary School

    Tauranga Intermediate

    Welcome Bay School

This can happen if there is a bus route available to use and space on the bus.

The implications for our school are:

Further information out-lining how this all works is available on the MOE website.

How our bus system works and expected behaviour of students on these buses is outlined in our bus procedures. Tauriko School is responsible for ensuring children get safely onto school buses in the afternoon only.  This requires that parents/caregivers of children travelling on all school buses in the afternoon must book their regular use of the bus by filling in a Permanent Bus Change form - see tab at the top of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are any changes to the bus travel plans, the office must be informed by no later than 12pm.  If we have not been informed by a parent/caregiver, via the website or telephone, the documentation that we have recorded at the time will stand.  Therefore if your child is recorded as not going on the bus for that day/s, they will not be put on the bus to travel home.  The child will remain at school and the parents will be expected to collect them.  We will not be ringing parents after school to check arrangements as this means the bus is being held up.  Any bus changes need to be made by a parent/caregiver, not by a child.

If children will not be travelling on the school bus any particular day, please fill in the

Not Travelling Form

Please submit online BEFORE 12pm of that school day, otherwise the school will assume arrangements are to be followed as usual.

If a child would like to travel an extra day, or on a casual basis, please fill in the

Casual Bus Booking Form - Submitted before 12pm on the day of travel.


Students should adhere to the Code of Conduct and other guidelines or terms of carriage set by the bus operator.  Should a student’s actions jeopardise safety or disrupt others, this may result in the student losing their bus privileges. If a situation escalates to where the driver deems continuation unsafe, the school or police will be contacted to intervene.

Safety and Behaviour Tips for Students

Boarding the bus 

• Stand well back from the road in the designated area.

• Approach only after the bus comes to a complete stop.

• Carry bags in front, preventing them from getting snagged in the door.

• Find a seat immediately upon boarding and stay seated.


On the bus 

• Follow all the bus driver's instructions.

• Refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, or vaping.

• Bullying or harassment will not be tolerated.

• Avoid distracting the driver.

• Treat bus property with respect.

• Adhere to the displayed Code of Conduct.

• Respect fellow passengers.

• Bags should be on your lap or under the preceding seat.

• If standing, remain behind the driver, do not cross the line on the floor.


Getting off the bus 

• Use the front door if possible.

• Wait well back from the road until the bus has moved away.

• Only cross the road when there is no traffic in either direction.