Our Vision, Values & Curriculum

At Tauriko School we have over 100 years proud history of Excellence In Teaching and Learning. This history continues today and is achieved through our Future – Focussed curriculum which delivers learning for students that is personalised to their learning needs and supports our students to develop an understanding and confidence in who they are as young people. Strong school values of Excellence, Respect, Integrity and Innovation underpin all decision making and action in the school.

As students are part of a constantly changing world, our community believe that it is important that they develop 21st Century skills that are able to be transferred across all learning and can support students in a wide range of different contexts. These are known as our 5Cs - Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Citizenship and Critical Thinking.

Core learning areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics are taught in the morning. Students utilise an Inquiry Learning process that enables them to explore Science, Technology, Social Science and Health learning areas. STEM - the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is a developing area of learning for all students. The School has strengths in The Arts and Sporting arenas. Digital Technologies are integrated across all learning areas and are utilised to enhance and support the learning taking place.