At Tauriko School we have over 100 years proud history of

Excellence In Teaching and Learning.

This history continues today and is achieved through our Future – Focussed curriculum which delivers learning for students that is personalised to their learning needs and supports our students to develop an understanding and confidence in who they are as young people.

Learning is exciting, challenging and thoroughly engaging at Tauriko School. There is a strong belief that we are all learners – students, staff and community and we model this for each other every day.

As learning spaces at school are renovated the school is developing flexible, collaborative spaces. These spaces are large with break out spaces, great lighting, heating and acoustics. At Tauriko School we also have the ability to divide these large spaces into seperate classroom sized spaces when this is needed to support learning and the needs of students. This approach is supports the "flexible Learning" philosophy that enables staff to provide high quality, future focussed teaching and learning that meets the needs of a diverse student community.

Students as learners at Tauriko School strive for personal excellence in all areas (social, emotional, physical and academic) and are motivated, actively involved, life-long learners. They are connected to their communities and are globally aware. They have a varied skill set that empowers them to learn and live with confidence, achieving success.

Teachers as learners at Tauriko School are committed to continual learning, have a shared vision which is future focussed and inclusive of all. They strive for personal excellence, are effective communicators and value collaboration with others. They are reflective and responsive to the needs of students in our changing world.

Our community as learners support Tauriko School’s educational vision and goals for learning. They willingly engage in conversations about learning, supporting children’s social, emotional, physical and academic wellbeing. “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child” is a philosophy that is actively demonstrated by our community.